Our History

The TCN Consortium has been founded in 2001 with the aim to create an organization able to respond to the specific training requirements from industry and technicians in general.
TCN provides continuous high level training in the field of Engineering, and specifically in that of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), the virtual prototyping and the collateral disciplines, related to Information Technology, multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization.
Working in an organic way, avoiding fragmentation and pointing at multi-disciplinarity: these are the methodological settings which have always ruled the TCN activities, exploiting innovative instruments and approaches for the benefit of the service efficiency.
For this reason an organization has been realized, able to include a large spectrum of competencies, to quickly reply to the training requests coming from either qualified technicians and young graduated at their first working experiences.
Special attention is focused to the teachers’ selection: the TCN Consortium can boast of a team of experts teachers, with high level knowledge and experience, coming from both academic and industrial world, which continuously enlarges.
The didactic consists in many initiatives, mainly focused on specialist courses and seminars, aimed at updating and enhance the knowledge on specific themes, all integrated in a coordinated system. In the past TCN has even organized masters, offering training programs strongly oriented towards the application of current software technologies to the numerical simulation.