About us

The TCN Consortium, Technologies for Numerical Computation, is a High Training Centre.

It is a limited liability consortium established in 2001 by EnginSoft S.p.A., CRF (FIAT Research Center), CRS4, R&D Sardinia, Bruno Kessler Foundation.

Among the charter members there are Research Centers and Centers of Excellence involved in different R&D industrial projects, which share the same integrated and multidisciplinary vision, making TCN a bridge between University and industry, the former representing a landmark for models, contents and methodologies, while the latter presents always new demands and significant experiences.

The main TCN’s purpose is the education of the companies’ key resources for innovation and competitiveness through activities aimed at different levels.

TCN offers training on latest generation disciplines regarding CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), virtual prototyping and experimentation, and other complementary and cross subjects, relative to statistics, Information Technology, multidisciplinary and multi objective optimization.

Since 2005 TCN has been recognized by Ministry of Education, University and Research as a Special Scientific Institute.
The Special Scientific Institutes are no-profit institutions which develop postgraduate activities for research and education beyond University but regulated by Ministry of Education, University and Research, in accordance with the Ministerial Decree n. 623 of October, 8th, 1996 which calls for a yearly evaluation of their scientific curriculum: this is a certain guarantee of quality and reliability of all Consortium’s initiatives.


EnginSoft SpA


Centro Ricerche FIAT

CRF – Centro Ricerche FIAT



CRS4 – Centro Studi Avanzati, Ricerche e Sviluppo in Sardegna


Fondazione Kessler

Fondazione Bruno Kessler