Targets and Goals

Today industrial competitiveness is more and more related to companies’ capacity of innovation in product and process: in this contest the Virtual Experimentation (Computer Aided Engineering) is already recognized as an essential tool for those companies which want to play a main role in the market. The current technologies for virtual experimentation are really advanced and their applications have revealed crucial in the design and development of projects and products.
This continuous technological innovation demands an advanced training which should start as soon as a young graduated enters into the world of work and last for the entire professional career, following a permanent high training course.
The TCN consortium has been founded in order to satisfy exactly these necessities.
By holding Research Centers and Centers of Excellence among its founding members, which operate in different contests on research and development issues, able of an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, the Consortium can represent a bridge between University, landmark for models, subjects and methodologies, and Industry, which offers always new requests and significant experiences.
In this context the Consortium’s aim is to train and qualify the personnel, making them able to operate in a technological scenario which continuously and quickly changes, in order to guarantee an adjustment to the real opportunities offered by the world of work. The training proposed by TCN constantly develops, focusing the attention on the industry’s requirements.
For this purpose the TCN Consortium avails itself of a Faculty mainly made of lecturers, experts and consultants specialized in many fields.

The TCN provides continuous high training courses in the field of Engineering and specifically in the field of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), of virtual experimentation and prototyping and of complementary and cross disciplines, related for example to Statistics, Information technology , multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization. The specific aim is to train the key resources and then ensure a strong competitiveness to the companies in every technological field fundamental for the process and product innovation;  the essence of this purpose is in the slogan

"we train the champions of innovation".