Dynamic Analysis with FEM Applications



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This course deals with the modelling of mechanical systems by starting from the application of the Newtonian method, the Principle of Virtual Work and the Lagrange equations. The theoretical fundamentals on the multi-body methods, which are used by the most commercial software, along with the techniques for the numerical solution of algebraic-differential systems of equations and the modal synthesis, are given. Simulations of flexible structures through multi-body and FEM techniques are foreseen.
Furthermore, during the course, several practical examples on the modelling and interpretation of the results of cases of industrial interest are carried out for multi-body systems with rigid bodies, as linkages, cams and sliders, transmission couplings.
Other practical examples deal with cases of industrial interest for multi-body systems with discrete flexible bodies by considering the load transfer from the multi-body analysis to the FEM analysis.


To provide the main knowledge on the dynamical analysis of mechanical systems through the Newtonian and energetic approaches, along with the multi-body systems with rigid and flexible bodies by considering the relation between the multi-body and FEM analysis.


Industrial Engineers and Researchers

Teaching Method

Lectures with the support of computer aided examples


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To be defined (3 days)

Level / Tipology

Theorical/Pratical Course

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900€ + VAT

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