Fatigue and corrosion in metallic materials



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Introduction and history. Elements of electrochemistry (elementary for mechanical eng.).  Temperature and cold work sensitization of stainless steels, nickel and aluminum alloys. Hydrogen embrittlement. Stress corrosion. Fracture mechanics approach to stress corrosion. CERT test. Corrosion in welds and bi-metal coupling. Environmental fatigue. Fatigue assisted corrosion and fatigue crack growth rate. True corrosion fatigue.


The course is aiming at providing a comprehensive understanding of localized stress corrosion mechanisms, sensitization to corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.  Moreover, the course will provide the most advanced analitycal and experimental tools to-day available for designing materials and structures that operate in potentially aggressive environment, humid air included, under either static and/or cyclic loads (fatigue).


Design engineers and technicians. Researchers.

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Theorical/Pratical Course

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