Introduction to selection and use of metallic materials



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Characteristics of metallic materials in relation with their particular use and applications, which determine their properties and modes of failure. Ashby plots. Economical aspects of material selection and/or fabrication process. Free and fixed variables. Life cycle assessment. Interdependency and coordination between materials engineering, structural analysis, testing methods, company organization and R&D activity.


Selection and use of metallic materials for engineering applications represents a fundamental step and a rather new branch of engineering of very recent introduction. It requires an interdisciplinary and coordinate approach of material science, structural analysis and failure modes competences coupled with important factors as cost-benefit evaluation of the choice, company culture and research and development activities. The target of the course is to provide the basis for knowing and coordinating all these factors to yield the maximum result in terms of reliability of the choice.


Engineers, designers, technicians and researches. Directors and/or responsables for groups, sectors or division.

Teaching Method

Lectures integrated with computer examples


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To be defined (2 days)

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Theorical/Pratical Course

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700€ + VAT

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